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Upcoming Events


Choir Practice in Sanctuary
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
in Sanctuary


Christian Education Hour
9:00 AM
Choose from Sunday School for children, Youth Class with Chris Lawton, or Everyday Issues with various people leading the discussions.
Christmas Program
10:30 AM
Church School
10:30 AM
Begins in the Sanctuary with the 10:30 service and after Time with the Children, the class moves downstairs to the classroom.
Christmas Piano Recital
2:00 PM to 4:00 PM
  • Welcome Rev. John Kay
  • Welcome Rev. John Kay
  • Back Row Singers
  • Stand Up For Grace African Craft Sale
  • Stand Up For Grace African Craft Sale
  • Good Sam
  • April 26, 2014 Mission Saturday--Rock Springs Clean-Up
  • Ladies' Night Out April 2014--Main Hangar Restaurant
  • Ladies' Night Out April 2014--Main Hangar Restaurant
  • April 2014 Ladies' Night Out--Main Hangar Restaurant
  • 2014 Easter Service
  • 2014 Easter Baptism
  • Time with the Young Church Easter 2014
  • Easter Time with the Children 2014
  • Confirmation 2013
  • Confirmation 2013
  • Officer Training 2013
  • Hymnal Workshop with Mel
  • Mel during workshop
  • Confirmants 2013
  • Confirmation
  • Bells
  • Children's Sermon
  • Elmwood Christmas Party
  • Assisting at Good Sam

Welcome to First Presbyterian Church, which is located in downtown Decatur but draws its congregation from throughout the county. All 480 members, regardless of age or gender, are encouraged to take part in worship as lay leaders, greeters, musicians, and ushers.

Mission, ministry and music are the common threads woven together at First Presbyterian Church. People of many backgrounds interweave their many talents to bring exciting life to our congregation. Musical talents play a major role in the rich diversity of our programs. All ages are also provided with opportunities for education and fellowship. Church school classes and adult education programs teach us the Good News of the Bible while soup suppers, potlucks, workdays, retreats, walkathons, to name just a few, bring us together to share in the Good News and to spread it to others.

Our congregation is a family that worships and prays together inside and outside the church walls.

  • We actively witness beyond ourselves through our common ministries.
  • We share in the joy of birth and the sorrow of death.
  • We care for and visit those with physical illnesses; we counsel and pray for those emotionally burdened.
  • We celebrate all aspects of God's gifts and use them to build a strong church family.



Contact Us  
First Presbyterian Church of Decatur Illinois
204 W. Prairie Ave
Decatur , Illinois 62523
Telephone: 217-429-4195
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Church Street Christmas Church Tour

Visit the Churches on Church Street! Sunday, December 14 from 1:00 to 3:30. Six downtown churches will host an Open House---a free event. Music, history, beautifully decorated sanctuaries, light refreshments, and warm, inviting smiles. Walk, drive, or ride the trolley free to each church.

House of Miracles (441 N. Church Street)

Central United Methodist (269 W. Eldorado Street)

First United Methodist (201 W. North Street)

First Presbyterian (204 W. Prairie Avenue)

First Lutheran (250 W.Decatur Street)

St. Peter's AME (515 S. Church Street)

Follow the map provided for you by walking, driving, or riding the Trolley for free from church to church. Each church will have music, speakers, refreshments and guides to walk you through the beautiful sanctuaries that are decorated for the Advent and Christmas Season. You can visit the churces in any order.


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